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Get educated and help fight the pest control companies from stealing our money and endangering our families!!

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Welcome to the Varmint Stalkers Brigade headquarters!


This is an adult community created to discuss survival and nuisance wildlife control topics.  This might seem like an odd combination, but the two go hand in hand.  When preparing for a natural disaster you naturally have to prepare to eat and fend off disease.  If you fail to control nuisance wildlife populations now, disease and diseased animals will run rampant in the event of a disaster-for example.
Aside from that, I bring my own set of skills to a survival situation.  I am the owner of a nuisance wildlife removal business.  In addition, I am a wilderness survival instructor with a significant military/paramilitary background and a great interest in weapons and weaponology. 
Aside from the informative aspects of this community, I have created it to provide like-minded people a place to share information and opinions.  Often, people that share our interests don’t have anybody around them that are the slightest bit interested in what they are talking about and that can be extremely frustrating.  Aside from just friendship, however, we have the opportunity develop crucial connections in the event of a national emergency.
I welcome you to sign up and become a part of our community.
Foolish Pride Have you ever been in a domination game in which some moron on the other team boasts about owning you when your team beats the hell out of him with a final score of 201-93? Sure you have. It was that misguided 15 year old pencil neck bastard that went 23-10 by floating around the middle flag and picking people off as they dominated his ass. Where else does this happen aside from in the idiot gamer world? Think about it. Let say Albert Pujols goes 3 for 4 with 2 homers and 4 RBIs in a 15-4 loss. Do you think Albert Pujols is saying “man I owned those noobs”? Hell no, he more than likely feels like shit because his team got their ass kicked. Barry Sanders averaged around 1500 yards and 12 touchdowns in 10 seasons for the Lions, a team that has never even been to a super bowl. Do you think he feels like a winner? Hell no. The Lions have always sucked and will always be remembered for how bad they suck. That makes Barry Sanders the best loser on that team. The same goes for you morons that think cherry picking for kills in objective games makes you awesome. You may be great at death match, but the fact that you don’t play it means you’re a punk. It means that you’re too afraid of not being able to steal 15 kills from opposing players which are in the process of kicking your ass. Although idiots like you are almost a guarantee that I will have an adequate amount of entertainment between rounds, listening to your ignorant ass boast about your skills after you just got your shit dragged through the dirt makes us all a little dumber and it brings shame on your parents. Do us all a favor and stay the hell out of objective games. Have a good day, jackass.
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